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The Meaning Of Hamebi Token (HMB)

The formal English name of the token is 'Hamebi Token', and 'HMB' is its abbreviation. The word, 'Hamebi' stands for

'Ha' is derived from the pronunciation of 'Highness' and 'High-level', which mean 'Royal' and 'Noble',

'Me' is derived from 'Metro', which means metropolitan, metropolis and metro, referring to 'wide-range', 'population more than 1 million' and 'capital city',

'Bi' is derived from 'Bitcoin', which means to follow the ideology to realize decentralization of blockchain cryptocurrency.

New HaMeBi (Highness Metro Bit) is HMB Contract:


The Act on the Reporting and Use of Specific Financial Transaction Information came into effect on September 25, 2021.
As a result, policy change has progressed, and the PROMISE Foundation took over the task of resolving conflict in Korea.

대학 친구

Blockchain & HMB Highness Metro Bit Token

New Hamebi Token(HMB) will become the leader in Blockchain Industry through innovative technologies and strategic partnerships and develop smart cities. Also, New HMB will be the center of true cryptocurrency and blockchain platform by the perfect realization of decentralization.

Payment Platform (SMART Cash Plus)

Hamebi Token(HMB) is the specialized cryptocurrency, which is associated with SMART Cash Wallet Platform and .... Thus, HMB can be used in our daily lives in various fields of payment, transaction, communication and credit such as wire-transfer, receipt, online shopping, global trade, legal currency P2P matching, loan, MGS deposit and so on.

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