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HMB Governance

If governance does not operate properly to maintain the DApp ecosystem of the blockchain, the healthy ecosystem will eventually collapse due to the occurrence of collusion, which causes an unfair compensation system.

We will be listed on the DEX exchange for the sake of the ecosystem. This is prometed by the Promise Foundation.


New HaMeBi (Highness Metro Bit) is HMB Contract:


Governance Participation Reward

Core participants in HMB Platform governance are BP nodes representing each DApps. Sufficient rewards must be provided to these BPs to maintain the HMB Platform (=> OO point Platform) network healthy. The form of reward is as follows
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The work of the Promise Foundation
In Korea, we decided to respond to all complaints about related work, and we decided to support HMB's payment through the management platform operated by the management agency Manna Cash Platform Co., Ltd., a directly managed organization, and to use Smart Cash for Support payment. This policy follows the own regulations of the Promises Foundation.
Manna Cash Platform Co., Ltd. is a professional company equipped with a computer system, and it is a stable company that operates Ethereum in its own mining farm as an Ethereum mining company.





1) Decision-making structure

– Determines the evolution direction of the HMB Ecosystem by itself.

a. Platform Policy

b. Operation of BP or Master Node

2) Compensation systems

– Solves the paradox of ‘the tragedy of the commons.’

a. Incentive System

b. Penalty System 10

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