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HAMEBI Platform Works

Protocol Economic Structure


SMART CASH Platform & Hamebi Token (HMB)


HMB ( a MobiCoins )

HMB is the integrated wallet-platform that enables most financial transactions, such as On-/Offline payment, E-receipt, Escrow, loan, tax payment and so on. In addition, it includes messenger features itself in order for users to communicate by exchanging data and coins and plays the role of Information and Communication Technology (ICT).


QR Code / P2P / Loan

HMB provides a variety of financial services in many fields, not staying in single industry such as Coin Payment with QR Code, P2P Exchange for direct transaction between users and Coin Loan and so on.


Tax / Online Shopping / Messenger

Aside from coin payment features, users can pay taxes with Hamebi Token(HMB). And, it is possible to enjoy online shopping, which is essential for our modern society where the online network is everywhere. In addition, Messenger feature not only will enable user to report accidents and get HMB rewards, but also to chat between seller and buyer for 


HMB is the integrated wallet application that provides users with many payment systems in various fields. It will be the center of payment platform by providing services, such as QR Code payment, P2P exchange, Accident report, Tax payment and so on.

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