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 New HaMeBi = Highness Metro Bit

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This white paper will be updated from time to time.




This white paper is being revised for update. This white paper is not a promise and is for reference only.


  •  New HMB is scheduled to be listed on the Dex Exchange on March 31st.

  • It is scheduled to be listed at a market price of 10 KRW​

  • It is traded at 10 KRW on the Finexbox Exchange

  • Manna Cash Platform Co., Ltd. linked the new HMB (Hiness Metro Bit) with the Smart Cash platform

  • Smart Cash is approved and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store

  • Huge advertising revenue is expected

  • Download the special white paper from the listing website


Token Information

  •  Title of Token :   Highness Metro Bit

  • Abbreviation for Token​ :  HMB​

  • Token Issuance :   ERC20 based Token​

  • Issue Volume  :   400,000,000,000 HMB​

  • Unit of Token  :  18th decimal places

  • Contract Address :   0x76165106bbcD58C88468C48907a5bc2529a5A68A​

        *Official notice will be anounnced when policy supporting purposes occur. 


HMB ( Highness Metro Bit ) is a specialized token that builds a payment system based on token economy applicable to the entire country using the network obtained from carrying out national-based projects.

And it is a project token that ....

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