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HaMeBi DApp Protocol Ecosystem

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HaMeBi DApp Protocol Ecosystem


1. Wallet development policy change
All existing wallets will be suspended and will be opened gradually as regulations are met. In addition, we will actively utilize the services provided by reputable institutions. We would like to inform you that the ever-changing international information is the responsibility of each user.
2. The work of the Promises Foundation
In Korea, we decided to respond to all complaints about related work, and we decided to support HMB's payment through the management platform operated by the management agency Manna Cash Platform Co., Ltd., a directly managed organization, and to use Smart Cash for Support payment. This policy follows the own regulations of the Promises Foundation.
Manna Cash Platform Co., Ltd. is a professional company equipped with a computer system, and it is a stable company that operates Ethereum in its own mining farm as an Ethereum mining company.

 Introduction to Smart Cash

Smart Cash was developed in February 2022 and listed on Google Play Store. As a platform that complies with legal conditions and maintains technical security, it is a platform that is downloaded from the Play Store and installed on a smartphone.

1. When you sign up for membership, you will receive the first point and the point will be referred to as smart cash.
It is called smart cash because it receives cash through smartphones.
2. Sign up through KakaoTalk.
3. If you check attendance every day, you will receive points, that is, smart cash.
4. Read the news every day and get points for the quiz.
5. Points will be converted into personal bank virtual accounts. 
6. Points will be paid in HMB coins when requested by the company and the points will be deducted.
7. Points can be used for payment at Manna shopping mall.
8. Smart Cash was developed by the Promises Foundation and Manna Shopping Mall was developed by Manna Cash Platform Co., Ltd.
9. The Promise Foundation and the Manna Cash Platform will be operated in cooperation with the UN ECOSOC SCS ISEA Foundation.

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